The Email Marketing Secrets of Retail Giants - FREE.

HOW I CONSISTENTLY MAKE $500 - $1K a WEEK with the exact methods used by Large Retailers and Corporations to get leads and email them right into the consumers Inbox!

There is nothing to buy here. If you want to click on a few of my ads or links great if not thats completely up to you. 

Like I have mentioned I will show you exactly how the "BIG GUYS" run successful email campaigns that practically cost them nothing. You do not have to worry about list building or OPT In subscribers. You can get your offers delivered to the email leads Inbox so you do not have to rely on Aweber, Get Response or anything like that.

I know this because I am the person that sets up and runs these campaigns and gets paid peanuts. That is why I know use this same system at home to make a few bucks extra on the side. It is also why I do not mention any names of companies or anything on this blog that can lead back to me. In fact I this is not even my blog! It is not Illegal or Unethical, just good business.

Also I havent stolen this information anywhere. It is not "Classified or Top Secret" information. It is simply hidden from the regular guy in the street - A so called "TRADE SECRET"!

Before I continue, this is not spamming or scraping free email lists, ALL emails sent are 100% CAN SPAM ACT of 2003 COMPLIANT.  I achieve a 90% inbox delivery rate using this method. 

So Here's The Deal!

STEP 1 - The Offer

Find an offer to promote. I am not going to go into this too much, If you are looking for an email marketing or make money online system then by now you should know how to find an offer or already have one. Clickbank and Amazon are great places to find offers to promote and earn commissions from.

STEP 2 - The List

You are going to need an email list. This leaves you with 3 choices. Build a List, Buy a List or use a Free List.

The first option has always been a bit of a stupid suggestion for me. The way I see it is if I am getting enough traffic to my website, why use the traffic to build a list and then email them if I can just send the traffic straight to the offer – its like I am doing twice the work (I know I could use the list more than once but I hate trying to rank a website and drive traffic to it I SUCK AT IT!!)!

The next option is buying a list. This is how I get my lists. Many people say don’t buy lists and tell you it’s a bad idea. Its all BS its worked for me because I buy my lists from reputable sources that allow me to get a highly targeted list ( I will give you a few great sites below). I will however say that I will never buy a list of 1 million subscribers for $10 bucks because its crap. I usually pay between $400 - $1000 dollars per list. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO!

Do you honestly believe large retailers and organizations build email lists? No they are buying leads by the millions!

Obviously they buy from reputable sources and not some guy that is selling a million leads for ten bucks, and I have listed a few great sources for you below but for now you can try some free lists. 

YOU CAN START BY USING FREE LISTS – Admittedly the money you will make from these lists are not fantastic but if you do a few email blasts to free lists you will eventually have enough to buy a list. I have tried  some free lists my self and have made about $200 per email blast to about 10 000 emails with free email lists (sometimes more, sometimes less).

Here are a few Sources for Great Free Email Lists current and Up to Date as of March 2014.

Take my advice, Start with one or two free lists. Also use contacts that you have in your Gmail and Other Accounts you will be amazed at the amount of email addresses you have in these accounts!

If you want to buy email lists in the future here are some of the best email leads providers. I have had up to 40% conversions on some of these lists. (Again You Do Not Need a Purchased List at this Time):

STEP 3 – Emailing Your List!

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Now you need to set up your email campaign and actually start your email blast.

Forget about Aweber, SMTP servers and email blast software. The trick to Inboxing emails is by Using Self Hosted, White listed servers. A white listed email server is basically a server that has been approved by email providers like Gmail, Hotmail, AOL, Verizon, etc to accept all emails to be legit. Aweber, Get Response, Mail Chimp and all these servers are white listed that's how they get around spam filters! All the campaigns I run for companies utilize this trick only we cut out the middle men (Aweber & friends)

No company wants to use their own server and here's why:

Your ISP will limit you to a maximum of 2000 emails a day some ISP's have even lower limits! Blasting through your own server could get you BANNED!

The only way to get around this is to get a self hosted, credits based mailer that will let you send emails all day long. I do not mean those who tell you that you can blast your offer or email to 40 Million Subscribers a day – ITS BULL SHIT!!!

There are only 86 400 seconds in a day (60secs x 60mins x 24 hours). To send 40 million emails a day it needs to be done at a rate of 463 mails per sec or one mail every 0.00216 secs. If you send mails from one source to Gmail or any mail server at that rate they will block the mails coming in after less than a second as they will see it as a threat trying to overload or crash the server if you lucky maybe 10 or 20 mails will get through to any one mail server and will wind up in the spam box! The rest will get bounced and the server sending the mails will be blacklisted and banned from sending any emails to the particular server that blacklisted it ever again!



I send my mails using Dangerous Mailer. It is not the exact same server that I am using for work, but it is pretty similar and one of the only white listed servers available publicly. Most require you to be a registered corporation if you want to use it. 

Dangerous Mailer is very easy to use and allows both HTML and Text emails. You can also add attachments if necessary.

One of the reasons I use this particular platform is that it has built in verification. usually you need software to verify email addresses on a list before sending them (to reduce bounce rate). DM does this on the fly. Before it sends a mail it verifies it beforehand and automatically does not send to the address.

I also recommend this particular Mailer because it is easy to use, If you can send an email with Gmail or Outlook, YOU CAN USE THIS!

Now use of the server is not free but I did tell you that you can do an email blast for practically nothing. On this server you can send one email for about $0.00012. It is a credits based mailer, so starting at $25 you can send 20 000 emails.

It only deducts a credit for each email that is actually delivered. In other words if you send to a list of 12 000 subscribers but the mailer is only able to deliver 10 000 mails then it will only take 10 000 credits.

My first campaign with a list of 10 000 emails made me $274.63. After that email blast I had only used half my credits which meant I could do another email blast. So if you think about it I only used half ($12.50) of the $25 worth of credits I bought.

My Profit Was $274.63 - $12.50 = $262.13

Obviously I make much more now but that is because I have learnt to tweak my email campaigns and I buy my own highly targeted lists.

Try It For Yourself. Click Here for Dangerous Mailer …(the sales page is cheesy but trust me the mailer is outstanding and effective.)

Just two things about Dangerous Mailer. The first is, Make sure you get the Credits Based Plan. Do not take the hosted version this requires you to have your own server. The second thing is that it takes about 24 - 48 hours before they send your log in to you so if you order and nothing happens don't panic!

Anyway that is exactly how Retail Giants reach your Inbox with offers everyday even though you have never bought something there. Check out the pics below to see what the mailer looks like. Like I said it is easy to use so you do not require any technical skills!